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"...gently she grabbed my slice of cake, and ever so softly, whipped it into my face."

        Hello nerds! This is the beginning of something amazing, or something that will be completely neglected. *cheers*

        My name is ********, and in attempts to save myself I started writing. How you may ask? Well it all started a couple of years ago when one fateful day a friend introduced me to the world of Dungeons and Dragon, and upon creating my character he asked me to come up with a back-story...

3 years later

         The story is now an immense pulsating mass of plot points, twists, and events. Allies and enemy characters alike have formed large festering welts that became more interesting than the main character himself. Each with their own complex back-stories connecting to each other like swollen umbilical cords covered in throbbing, slime-covered, pustules. All of which is spewing  out spin-offs and ideas for other drama filled tales.

          Its growth, along with many others, has taken over half of my brains mental capacity (the other half being reserved for anime) and continues to feed upon my life force to this very moment.

           I feel my sanity slowly ebbing away, but I continue to write, in hopes that I may, one day, be rid of the horrific growth before it consumes my mind and I spend the rest of my life staring at a padded wall, muttering about destroyed cities, peoples' eyeballs, school and, ...Raccoons...

           I hope you enjoy!

I wonder if my DM is starting to get annoyed that I'm still working on my back-story... Nah

           Well are you Hyped?! No. Well for the small percentage of you that are prepare to lose your onion rings!! because... I threw that mess away. *yay*
Why you scream? How could you I betray your emotions so?
Well it's simply because it sucked.
It was all over the place, characters would appear and disappear faster than the stomach can digest my moms cooking. The side characters truly are more interesting than the main character who served only as the roller coaster to get to each scene. It didn't really have a plot, just him going place to place, going somewhere making friends and than losing them traumatically, till he finally decides to go take on dungeons. <List more reasons here>
Please believe that I tried to tame the beast ( I rewrote the first few pages about 20 times) but after throwing my hundredth poke-ball and always seeming to be "so close" I decided I didn't need this thing in my party and destroyed it with extreme prejudice.
So for the three of you reading this out there who took their time and chucked it out the window to look a my jumble of words on your screen, I apologize.

Also taking a look at the date I joined Protagonize and by looking at all the things I have uploaded since then. We can all come to the conclusion that I'm a well kept always on time , writing machine who showers you in sparkly rainbows, with order and prestige..... Ok I'll try to do stuff, but there's no promises.


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