a 28-year-old female from Canada

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"It's only life some seem to say. But I won't stand by and pass it by."

Hey everyone :)

Well for me I'm from Vancouver Island, Canada. I figure alot of my inspiration comes from simply how beautiful B.C is, although as you might notice not alot of it directly translates into my work, but none the less, it must be the peace of it that allows me to keep writing.

I'm also an artist and truly enjoy doing either or , or both for that matter on a rainy day, considering we get alot :)

The main novel, Risque: Freedom and Fortune that I'm currently working on was the cause of some much needed time to vent after some events that took place over a year ago. At the beginning all I wanted to do was write and over time and more situations that seem to always pop up I continued to write and before I knew it I was several chapters in. But through all that I discovered that I truly enjoy to write, read, and illustrate. It's a great combination.

Well thanks for reading this far, and I definatly can't wait to hear some of your input and suggestions,

Take Care!


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