a 42-year-old dude from Portland OR, United States

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"If the things you are doing each day do not bring you closer to your goal, then they take you farther away."

No one can remember a time when Caine wasn't crafting fiction of one kind or another. As a teenager it was not uncommon to have him stand up amid dinner to declare "I'll be back" only to have a parent find him later scribbling feverishly to jot down an idea or three that he didn't want to loose. His obsession early on was comics and Caine could illustrate just enough to make a few comics (none that he shows the world today). While his artistic skills refused to develop past a certain point his writing skills kept developing as he kept writing.

Caine has crafted comic book fiction for Flashback Universe and prepared an entry into DC Comics now defunct webcomic contest program entitled Zuda for which he created the Paladin Brigade. Shifting his focus to prose fiction Caine has created the Masked Marauder Matinee where his fiction is released via serialized text, ebooks, and audio on iTunes as an audio adventure podcast.

When he isn't writing or recording audio for his Podcast Caine is a full time student and single father of a beautiful daughter.

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