a 20-year-old from the Netherlands

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As usual I don’t really know what I should write here. I don’t really know what you could possibly want to know about me, which tidbits of information you want to chew on and which bites are too big to swallow. You see, I know quite a bit about me. I know I was born in a hospital, I know the first word I ever said was “ball”, I know that I haven’t seen my oldest friend in about 7 years and I know I still think of her sometimes. You too, know this now, but did you want to? Was that the information you wanted when you clicked my profile link?

Probably not.

Here is some totally useless, but maybe a bit more interesting, information.

  • My name is Céline and I have no second name
  • I’m 17 and I’ll turn 18 January 15th
  • I’m Dutch and Dutch is my first language
  • I’m a Capricorn with a messy planning and a head full of chaos
  • If I get accepted into the school I want I’ll be studying to become an English teacher next year
  • I’m a cat-person
  • I really like art
  • I really like liking things
  • I also really like complaining about things
  • I’m annoyingly stubborn in my beliefs
  • I’m about 5”9 and 175 centimeters, which is a pretty average height i think
  • I have a twelve year old brother
  • Whenever my head feels like it's working overtime I start writing my thoughts down

Alright, if you want to know something else, just ask! I'll be happy to answer.

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