a 22-year-old girl from Baltimore, MD, United States

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"A word is dead when it is said, some say. I say it just begins to live that day."-Emily Dickinson

Hi, I'm Meg! As you can probably tell by my username, I am a musician first and foremost. I play the sing and play the piano, and and am at the top of mu Music Theory I class, and eventually my goal is to write and create an album. Musically, my favorite composers are Vanessa Carlton, Claude Debussy, Vincent Persechetti, Stephen Sondheim, George Gershwin, and now Graham Reynolds. My favorite poets are Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, John Donne, and William Wordsworth. Besides music and poetry, I love my summer camp (Camp Wright on Kent Island in Maryland), and the outdoors in general. I love to kayak, (but mostly only get to do this at camp), bike, and sail (which I've never done outside of camp), and run long distances. Currently, my favorite distance to run is 7 miles, because it gets me just to the point where I feel great, without feeling that my distance was inadequate, nor keeling over afterwards. I run cross country and track at my high school where I am a sophomore, and although high school running sports are for fairly short distances, they keep me motivated and force me to be out running even when it's cold or rainy, and even when I'm sad or tired, and almost all of my friends participate in some branch of track of cross country, so it's a lot of fun. If you knew me well, you would know that I my thoughts are mostly occupied by school, music, running, and poetry, although friends, guys, and sleep also run in and out.

Here are some totally random facts about me that you probably have no care to know:

  • I am Juliia's twin sister.
  • I can't be trusted with big knives; the last time I used a knife that wasn't a table knife, I sliced open my finger, so imagine what I could do if that knife was big enough to cut a watermelon instead of just an avocado. I would love never to have to go to the emergency room for a severed finger in my life, so no big knives.
  • The last time my family had watermelon, after making someone else cut me a slice, I set my piece down on my plate, took up a small, safe knife, and began to cut it up into tiny perfect cubes. And even after seeing this, my parents still don't believe me when I tell them I am OCD.
  • In typing this, I have noticed that I have a serious issue with mixing up the order of "e"s and "i"s.
  • I am a compulsive list maker, and have several notebooks that I don't use for school, but just for my lists and such. Also, I have both an assignment book, AND a planner (I use my planner for writing packing lists and full day schedules, planning every second of the day).
  • I run substantially better in shorts, even when it's only like 40 degrees outside.
  • My dream school is Davidson College.
  • I am also interested in Kenyon College and Colorado College.
  • I <3 cadences!
  • I learned of Villanelles via the winter poetry tournament, and they have become my favorite type of formed poem! Thanks Will
  • I think I might be chronically dehydrated, because it's always gtting me sick. But when I am properly hydrated, I tend to require visit to the ladies room about every hour... (My friend Miranda always teases me about this.)
  • I am training for the Baltimore Marathon in October. Currently, the farthest distance I have ever run is 15 miles, so I have a ways to go...
  • I am currently OBSESSED with "String Abstractions No.2 'It Don't Mean A Thing'" From Graham Reynold's album "Duke!" It is AMAZING, look it up!!

Feel free to add me on Facebook, though you may care to include a message saying you are from Protagonize, since I don't accept friend requests from strangers without a good reason.

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