a 27-year-old guy from Wishtobesomewhereelse, United States

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"A picture is a poem without words. -Horace"

So here's a little bit about me.

Job: I work for a family owned business. It's general labor, but it pays good.

Activities: I love the outdoors. Swimming, hiking, camping, fishing, walking, running, biking, and simply laying out for hours gazing at the stars. I also love artwork. I take my camera most anywhere I go (especially outdoors,) in hopes for an awesome picture. I'll spend hours drawing, drawing, and drawing (you can't even break me free from it if  I'm liking the results.) lol. I also love to write (especially poems,) because I enjoy expressing myself in a rhyme. I've recently been trying to write lyrics, because I've always wanted to send a message in a song. I really enjoy traveling (I feel alive when I'm driving with the music blaring.) Seeing new sights, and meeting new people is always enjoyable for me. And an occasional movie and video game with a friend is always fun as well.....

Music: Rock/Hard rock/Heavy metal/Death metal, and Rap. I only listen to music that sends an actual MESSAGE. I despise music that sends a lie (mainstream in today's world.) I would prefer complete silence over a song about "pussy, money, and weed."

Favorite foods: Italian and Thai (American food is my LEAST favorite.)

Goals in my life: Photojournalist (I would also like to be in a band.)

Celebrity crushes: Only two. Emma Stone and Avril Lavigne.

Movies: Usually thrillers and dramas (occasionally a horror and a comedy.)

Places I want to visit: Australia and Switzerland. 

Instruments: I'm trying to learn the guitar right now. I also love the sound of a piano.

So that's pretty much me. I live in Vancouver, WA. (I hate this city and plan on moving.) I love small towns, down-to-earth people, and peacefulness. The closest people I have in the world live in Montana, so I plan on moving there soon.

For any writings that I share: I don't mind any advise or correction. Because I love to hear/read from an open mind.

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