a 47-year-old gentleman from Los Angeles, United States

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"There is no companion so companionable as solitude."

Someone just sent me a bottle of scotch so I'm enjoying it as I writ this profile.  These days, writing is my attempt at academic redemption.  I suffered teenage angst attempting to understand grammar and structure as a youth, and therefore focused on other disciplines.  Over the yearsh, I have started to find my wit, my voice, my creative pashion. This scotch, by the way is exshullent.  I enjoy writing about myshelf, reading the wurks of othres, drinking scotch, and making assinine alliterashuns.  By the way, this scotch is sensashunal.  I'm hoping to use thish web$##&e as an opportnty to exposhe myshelf to other riters, and to eshtableesh a gud wroking relatnship with othersh who Njoy riting and drinking scossh.  I am, howevur, kind of pisshed at the gerk who shent me thish stuff cuz i think itsh affectin how i rite.  In fact, im shtarting to hate peepul who drink, and rite at the shame time.   You no wut, I dunt wann a meeet anyone heer so u can all goe too hell and read shumthing elshe. 

Thanks for having me!!


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