a dame from the United Kingdom

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"I never had a piece of toast, particularly long and wide that fell upon the sanded floor and on the buttered side."

I Love:

Pen & Ink drawing, gardening, photography, movies, music, books, log fires on wet Sundays watching Fred & Ginger on the box.   I am Passionate about family and friends, staffordshire Bull Terriers and British cats, Blues, Colourpoints and my beloved Siamese boy. Love kids and being with them, their joy of new experiences makes the dullest day a lot brighter. Would love to travel more, Japan, China, New Zealand, and Christmas in New York all on my wish list.

Favourite Music:

Cross-over Jazz, a cool jazz flautist, classical, movie soundtracks, just about anything really apart from country [with a few exceptions].

Favourite TV Programmes:

Firefly, Dexter, NCIS, Bones, Heroes, Futurama, Sci-Fi channel output.

Favourite Films:

Blade Runner, Casablanca, Serenity, Black & White Fred & Ginger, Usual Suspects, Citizen Kane, Jules et Jim, The Wizard of OZ, Aliens Trilogy, The Searchers, almost everything by Hitchcock [Frenzy excluded], definately everything by the Coen Bros - top of the List The Big Lebowski and Fargo.

Favourite Books:

Too many to list but a sample would include: A Christmas Carol, Lord of the Rings trilogy, In Cold Blood, Film books by the bucketload, autobiographies, thrillers, graphic novels, Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller.

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