a funky monkey from The Country, Canada

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"Why fit in when you were born to stand out." -Dr Suess

I've been writing since I was a child, often hiding in my room to write whole 'novels' (now, I look at them and realize they were actually novellas), along the same lines as Nancy Drew.  I write poetry, short stories, children's books just about anything, and I am even working on a novel or two (who isn't?).  I always wanted to be a professional, paid writer, but life got in the way and said that I needed a 'normal' paying job!  So I became an ECE (daycare teacher) and have enjoyed a diverse career over the past 20 years.  Midlife is a funny thing though.  It makes you revisit the dreams you once had for yourself and use the maturity and knowledge you have gained to reassert your right to that dream.  So I am now doing what I should have been doing all along; writing. And write, I must!  It is escape, therapy, joy; it is both extracting the best of me onto the page and excising the poison from my spirit.  It makes me feel more like me.  But the danger is that the tale demands to be told and I often find myself pleasantly trapped at the computer until it is very late at night and I suddenly realize I haven't eaten and I have to get up again in 3 hours!  If only I could write 24/7!

But I still have to keep my day job of course, and I am also a mother of 2, so sometimes it's a challenge to find time to write!  When I do get a chance to write, it's like a fever and woe to any who dare disrupt the writer at work!

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