a 20-year-old dudette from ipswich, United Kingdom

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"the night has a thousand eyes but the day only one -night world series volume 2 story 2/3"

fave books:twilight saga,generation dead,night world,house of night series,thief lord,ink spell trilogy,dragon rider,my sister jodie,best friends.

fave bands:blink 182,fall out boy,paramore,mcfly,my chemical romance,evanescence,avril lavigne,pink.

fave tv shows:young dracula,overruled,tracy beacker,wizards of waverly place.

hobbies:reading,writing,drawing,eating,hanging out with friends.

pets:dog,my brother lol

fave colour:green

fave lesson at school:art,english,german,science

hair colour:brown had it died purple but it went a mixture of red,pink,brown and purple

eye colour:brown

fave acessories:trouser braces that hang down the back of my jeans like what miley cyrus wears,knee high socks.

things i would like to be when im older:artist,writer, vet

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