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"Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday." ~ Don Marquis (1878 - 1937)

Hello Love, [<<-- Just a phrase I like to use.]

  I'm Erynn.  Nah, not my real name, you might've been to my profile before and know, but eh. I decided that I like pseudonyms, ones that look like real names. =] Ones like my ButterflyyNinjaChick are cool but I call them screen names, the ones that look like real names are what I really consider a pseudonym... Is that wrong?

       I'm a teenager... that should tell ya quite a bit right there. =] I don't really like to explain myself in these little things all the time, so anything you wants to know... ask? Okay...

   In response to something said on a different site which I am not a member of so I cannot respond to there: "I personally, think that a small amount of typos in a peice of writing is okay, like you said "it shows they're human." When it is a mass amount though, I don't like and it kind of bugs me, but I know that I used to write just like that,  partially I'm sure, still do, so I try to be nice about it. [in the comments] As for the spellcheck, you're right even if you do use spellcheck, it'll find words it thinks is wrong, so to speak.. You still have to proofread it for the things that come out wrong but are still words to the spellchecker."


Okay, I'm done

"Finally, try not to kill off the main character in a story... at least, permanently." It's in the guildlines thing, I found it rather funny, I know I am easily amused by the weirdest things and all but... anyone agree?

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