just a babe from Narnia ;)

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"We could be taken at anytime. Any day, any minute. All we have is now. -The Host <3"

                                                          Hello there!

I am Madison, please call me Madi . . . or I will get my cyber shotgun out, just kidding I like you! I am a female from a place called Canada, eh? I love food that may be why I am not a skinny miny, hehe. I love to read and write! But I'm not to sure if I'm any good at writing, maybe you could tell me? I also love music but seriously? Who doesn't?!

Some random facts about me? Maybe? Yeah? Ok!

I love The mentalist, I have freakishly small hands, and I am 5'8 (Tall I know ;) I absolutely love the rain! And if you haven't figured out from my terrible spelling I am an idiot . . . just kidding  I just cant spell :P I am a blonde and have blue eyes, so typical, I know, I know!

...I am free now
Free to live without my fears
I believe now
There's a reason why I'm here
It's to try to do good
It's to try to do better -Sleeping with sirens, Free now.

I like that part of the song . . .

Well that's all I can realy think to write at the moment have an AMAZING day and don't forget to brush your teeth! (I don't even know . . .) Bye now!

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