a 35-year-old fellow from Saint Louis, United States

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"'You wanna make something of yourself?? Really?? Do you have any F***ing idea what kind of effort that takes!?' - Ari Gold"

- Interests: 

I speculate on, but thus far do not academically study, the potential of advanced physics to assist in building optimized  time-management skills.

I occassionally enjoy thinking about my life as if I were a character in the SIMS and wondering at various times, like... what my stats would look like.

I like the 'genius fiction' genre and names like Pynchon, Wallace, and Joyce.  I'm also grateful that my writing comes nowhere near that level of talent.  That would just be scary.

I have hobbies and friends.  I appreciate good quality food.

I wonder why there are no new updates on since 2009.  

I'm down with Ever-17

I'm here to learn as much as I can about collaborative fiction and its possibilities.

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