a 21-year-old dudette from the Turtles' lair

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Hi, I'm Brooke! 21 (woop woop!). Obsessed with all things Ninja Turtles and Pokémon, as well as my favorite band--5 Seconds of Summer. Maybe also a little obsessed with action movies and music. My hobbies include writing (obviously), the occasional sucky drawing, and going to see movies in theaters. I have no social life, anxiety, depression, and a DEEP determination to become a well-known author: perhaps, one day, at the level of Cassandre Clare (The Mortal Instruments) or Stephanie Meyer (Shiver series). Those also happen to be my favorite book series.

I'm excited to share my work with you all and I look forward to reading yours as well! If you ever want me to read something or just to talk, I'm here for you!

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