a 21-year-old girl from Heaven, Canada

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"Were all just a bunch of %#*! ups trying to prove were better than nothing. -ME!"

Uhm what to write here.....

I’m a recently 18 year old writer from a very small town in Canada. I joined this site about 5 years ago but haven’t been in a couple years until now. I stopped due to personal reasons and my schooling, I also came into the biggest wall of writers block you can imagine and was so completely lost trying to write anything was a disaster. I don’t really have much going on with my writing right now but I am currently still writing up some plans for up coming stories. 

I’m totally open to reading peoples works and joining into a collaboration :) 

My current works:

-The unseen    

My Favourite books of all time:

-These things hidden

-The universe versus Alex Woods

-The hobbit

-the uglies series

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