just a bird

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Writing is not my only passion--I also love biking, art, the outdoors, and photography--but it is the one most dear to my heart. Since before I could speak, my words have been choked up. 'Selective mutism' is the official diagnosis, but what does that really say? Does it tell anyone of my daily struggles to say anything to anyone, even my parents and siblings? Does it really reveal the prison I look out from every day? I can go days, weeks, months without actually talking to anyone. I can talk about the weather, or tell stories that I have heard, but I fight to say anything more; and often I lose.

Writing is the key that unlocks my prison doors.

I write YA fantasy novels, but I like to dabble in poetry. I love the beauty of words and prose--in poetry, in novels, scripture, plays, television, movies, music, and pretty much everything. I greatly admire those who can put their thoughts so eloquently into something real whether that be vocally or visually. 

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