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"The actions of your life are your vote on how the future is determined." - I don't know "Telling gay people they can't get married because of your religion is like saying they can't eat donuts because you're on a diet." - I don't know. "If you don't believe in magic, nothing magical will ever happen to you." - Rick Castle.

Hello fellow protagors! (-ers?) Or Anonymous' 

This is my favorite writing website in the whole wide internet! I love to write, and read, or course. You'd think as a writer I'd be great at spelling, but *buzzer screeches* you'd be wrong. I'm horrible at it! I'm also not a fan of cliches. I know, I know, every story can't be completely original, but I try to make my stories as unique as possible. My favorite thing to do on this site is do collabs. I find writing alone on a website can be very..standard, so I like writing with other people who bring fresh stuff to the table.

Now, for my character bio.

Name: Sean (or Mitch) I prefer Brightshadow though.

Age: 16

Appearance: Tall; brown hair, blue-green eyes. Freckles and glasses.

Personality: shy, awkward, good sense of humor. Loves reading, writing, traveling, biking, skiing, adventure, games, movies, history, mythology, and outer space. 

Strengths: Writing. Favorite genres, fantasy, sci-fi, romance. Best genre, post-apoctalyptic.

Weaknesses: commitments.

History: I've lived as a military brat (a term used to refer to military children) for all my life. lived in South Korea, Kentucky, and now Germany. I've been to many places, inlcuding China, Japan, Thailand, United States, Great Britain, France, Italy, Checzk Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Turky, Spain, Ireland, and Canada. :)

I hope you liked my bio!

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Escape Ark Space Station

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