a female from Coalgate, Oklahoma, United States

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Let's see. I'm very talkative, and I love to flirt, UNLESS I am in a committed relationship. I'm 16 and a Junior at Coalgate High School. I love summer, except for this one, because it's too hot. I think winter is just a reason to cuddle. I've been told that I am a really good singer, especially country. I live in the boondocks, and love to ride horses. I write about 3-4 songs a day, that usually are about being in love, or getting heart-broken. I eat like a man, which means that I eat everything. Haha. I hate getting dressed up, unless it's for a date. I rarely wear dresses. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl. I believe that a marriage is for life. I don't believe in abortion. I have my beliefs about religion, and I'm a child of God. I'm gonna be a medic in the Army National Guard, and hopefully get deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. I want three kids. Two boys, one girl. I easily fall for country boys, rocker boys, skater boys, or ones that are really happy all the time. I'm a little rude, but who isn't nowadays? Wanna know more? Didn't think so. Haha(:

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