a 20-year-old funky monkey from Monmouth, United Kingdom

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"Whenever I'm doubt, I look at Rosalie hale and that cheers me up"

Just a schoolboy from Wales currently enjoying the sciences, English and otrher languages e.g. French, Latin and Greek. I have lots of support from my friends and would like to thank them now. Oh and one last thing, if you read one of my stories, you'll be amazed to see the ending of it, I can never finish them.

I have a hobby for reading and writing and go a private school for boys.

My favourite Authors are - Stephanie Meyer, TWILIGHT, I love the series especially Rosalie Hale
J.K. Rowling - The Harry potter series
Rick Riordan - Percy Jackson
I also plan to read Vampire Academy.
I love Pop music and love Lady Gaga's music, and the black eyed peas

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