a 65-year-old woman from Belfast Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

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"Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success. Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success. Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dream.” Lao Tsu"

.I would like to point out that I possess four
major qualities in terms of what I have to offer the School of English.
Firstly, I have published two academic books, which were based on my doctoral
studies. Women’s War Drama in  England in the
Seventeenth Century and The Drama of War in the Theatre of AnneDevlin, Marie Jones, and Christina Reid, Three Irish Playwrights have been well received and continue to gain critical attention.  I enclose a comment from Modern Language Review: "Liddy’s study of women’s war drama in
seventeenth-century England throws light on other female-authored war literature. This is a rewarding work, written in a clear and understandable style, which makes an original contribution to the subject."  As well as that I have published an article in Studies in Translatology. I have also had poetry published in various anthologies
and I have recently edited an anthology of poetry, which was submitted from a group I taught this year in Dungannon Peace Factory.

Secondly, I have
completed a Certificate in Teaching at the University of Ulster, Jordanstown as well as being a fully qualified Essential Skills tutor. My tutor commented that
I was “A teacher with a wealth of knowledge who addressed learners with respect and in a manner appropriate to students’ age and stage of learning.  This is vital in the world of post compulsory education – FHE.” In semester one, 2010, I taught English to Diploma Access students at the Northern Regional College, Coleraine Campus. This
semester, I taught   Curriculum Studies to Access students in Larne NRC. This involves, English, History, Sociology,
Research Methods and Psychology. I also teach GCSE English and Essential Skills (Literacy and Numeracy) in the Northern Regional College.
Prior to this, I taught English in the South Eastern Regional College and in O’Boyle Training Company. In 2009, I took up an appointment with Opportunity
Youth, as Vocational Skills Tutor, where I taught literacy and numeracy. I have a proven track record in delivering high quality teaching both in an academic
and a community context. I have special expertise in researching and teaching Renaissance Literature, particularly Shakespeare and his contemporaries. I have
planned and designed courses both for academic and health professionals and been involved in curriculum development. I also have experience in supervising
and examining students and correcting their assessed work. I did this in the University of Ulster and in colleges of  have experience of preparing and monitoring a range of learning materials to meet learning objectives both in a community and academic context. I have also
been received CCEA training on marking and modifying students’ assessed work.

Thirdly, I would
like to draw attention to my performance training and skills. I have been studying amateur drama at the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast. I have working on developing skills in voice, movement and improvisation and gaining
confidence in communication skills and to work as part of a team.  I have taken classes in comedy improvisation
and in-depth text work involving scenes/monologues from classic/modern plays. Last Christmas I delivered a performance which included comic improvisation and
monologues. I have studied with Ransom Production Company. This company commissions and works with exceptional actors and writers to produce Northern
Irish theatre that tours major UK and Irish venues. The
emphasis is on understanding crucial developments in theatre practice, through workshop methods wherever possible, supported by exploration of the ideas that
animated the changes.  For the past few years I have been a member of Fringe Benefits, a new ensemble theatre company which hopes to grow its own writers and
add excitement to drama in Belfast. It is community-based and committed to stage work with a local and universal appeal-relevant to all our communities.The Company encourages and supports new writing, and offers opportunities for members to develop interest and skill across a broad range of Theatre Practice.
I have been writing scripts with other dramatists and attending various intensive workshops. 

Fourthly as my career in the community and voluntary sector will testify, In terms of teaching, research and attracting funding.  I believe that my range of teaching and
flexibility in moving between academia and the community gives me the potential to attract funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council. I have
already got some idea around initiatives in relation to the study of the theatre and gender, creative writing and the legacy of the “Troubles” and the healing through remembering initiatives in relation to post conflict studies. Sandra L. Bloom argued that “It is when we are severely stressed, when the expected routine of daily life is disturbed by traumatic events that our bodies respond in primitive ways and we find ourselves in the midst of a storm of
emotional and physical reactions that we cannot understand or control.” Although we are in a post-conflict stage in Northern Ireland, there is a huge
need for closure and it has been proven that story telling and the creative process provides a safety valve to release the pain and hurt that the Troubles
caused. I believe your university has so much to offer the post-conflict dialogue, and I would be honoured to offer my unique talents and experience in furthering academic and community initiatives in this area.


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