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"We cannot control our circumstances, but we can always make them better. If love is a game, where can I buy the multiplayer version? Life is only as bad as you make it."

AIM: brebelles

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I have been forced to move to this site, as nice as it may be, because our beloved site 'Ficlets' has been destroyed. It will be missed. I am soo glad to see so many friendly ficlet faces that I have missed. I hope I will be able to get used to this. :)

I like feed-back, so PLEASE tell me honestly what you think. Because, how can I improve, if you don’t help me??
I love to write. I write songs and poems.
I’ve been meaning to post stories, but that is not my love. I try and try, but I seem not to succeed. My friends are all creative. I love them and my family.

One of my close friends passed away in a terrible car crash. It saddened my family. My best friend Blossom, who is on here as Blossom Ruoqen, was her sister. I LOVE YOU BLAH!! ♥

I've been trying to write how I feel.. but I just don't know how to put it into words. I don't know the right words to put down. I wish I did, because as much as I know a certain person knows how I feel about them, I'd love to be able to put into words for them.

An Additional Note: Protagonize is a second home to those who’s multiple personalities require more room to cultivate their quirkiness. A family of strangers with so much in common, where we hide behind fake names and stories but reveal more of ourselves that way than we ever could.

Favorite author Patrick Carmen Favorite book uh, thats hard….I like Narnia, The Land of Elyon, His Dark Materials

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