a 23-year-old hobo from a soggy cardboard box

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"“We are the hero of our own story.” - Mary McCarthy... not sure who she is but I couldn't agree more."

I live in the windy city,  Chicago,  IL. 

I recently graduated from Ashford University with a Bachelor of Arts degree In Computer Graphic design and I'm really hoping to get back into writing since I have more free time these days.

Solos on Protag. (I'll get the links up later)

Freefall- story I've started, stopped, erased, then restarted.

The Jason Chase Series- My third attempt at an actual story.

Solos off site...

The Shadow Book

Nuclear People From Neptune- (my second ever attempt at an actual story...In 5th grade)

The Great War- all out battle between monsters, aliens, ghosts, and humans (My very first Story attempt in 3rd grade)

Colaborations (didn't always pan out...)

Haven- Me and Tempestflux. didn't go far, but might finish it some day

Couple branches in Children of Unknown Power - hope I can keep that one going.


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