a 23-year-old hobo from a soggy cardboard box

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"“We are the hero of our own story.” - Mary McCarthy... not sure who she is but I couldn't agree more."

I've been on here a while now and I just thought, "You know, I haven't said much about me!"

So here goes...

I LOVE to read, bt my parents get annoyed because everytime they get me a book I'll finish it in a couple of days, so lately I've been having to buy my own books (I wish I had a Kindle or a NOOK, my life would be almost complete then). I also like to write, but sadly I don't always stick to one story and I rarely finish one once I've started(unless theres a deadline, then I try my best). Speaking of dealines, I don't normally have any unless it's for a school assignment or a contest. I actually enjoy deadlines because then I have to write or else I wont make it. I usually procrastinate when given the dealines, but then as the date draws closer  the words just explode out of me. I somethimes think that my best writing and ideas come when I'm in a rush like that, but maybe thats just me...

Sorry rambled on a bit there....

I live in a cornfield in Iowa (not that there's much else around here) and I usually detassle corn every summer for money. Basically just long, hot days of pulling the tops off of corn after getting up at 4AM to get on the bus to the field. I've done it three years in a row, but this year I got a job with my dad at QCA Spas. I feel like a traitor though because I left all of my friends to melt in the hot  stinky fields while I sit at a cash register all day in the AC, but pays better and it's year round!

I have five dogs, four of them Labs, and on a shar pei/beagle mix named bones, their names and colors are as follows...

JJ - Black
Ember - Black
Luke - Yellow
Casey - Chocolate (yes milk and dark ;))

We also have on evil black cat that I fear  may be, at this very moment, plotting the murder of my family. He is that evil!!! We named him Chance because we thought there'd be, "A snowball's chance in hell," that my dad would let us keep him.

OK enough about that stuff. On to my works...

Solos on Protag. (I'll get the links up later)

Freefall- story I've started, stopped, erased, then restarted.

The Jason Chase Series- My third attempt at an actual story.

Solos off site...

The Shadow Book

Nuclear People From Neptune- (my second ever attempt at an actual story...In 5th grade)

The Great War- all out battle between monsters, aliens, ghosts, and humans (My very first Story attempt in 3rd grade)

Colaborations (didn't always pan out...)

Haven- Me and Tempestflux. didn't go far, but might finish it some day

Couple branches in Children of Unknown Power - hope I can keep that one going.

poems (im not much of a poet)

Yes or No

Drive Away

...And probably some other stuff I forgot to mention.


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