a 27-year-old girl from Chicago, IL, United States

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"Our Truh Is To Never See The Lie"

Hey its Kelly. I am 19 as I am writing this. I live in the most boring suburb, Round Lake Beach. I attended College of Lake County for a year. I will be heading to Columbia College Chicago in the Spring. I was originally majoring in nursing but after becoming a certified nursing assistant, I changed my mind. Writing has always come natural to me so I decided to major in Journalism with a concentration in magazine writing and editing. I have always been fascinated with photography so I am going to minor in that and do photojournalism. My dream job would be to write for Rolling Stone Magazine. I want to write about music, interview bands and find out their muse, and learn about their passion, more than anything. I love music and think there is a song for every emotion that you feel. And writing is a way to escape or a way to show your passion about an issue with the power of words you use to describe it. I was a vegetarian for 2 years, but I eat everything but red meat now, just for the protein. I am moving to Chicago in a few months for school, and thats about it....

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