a 22-year-old dudette from Auckland, New Zealand

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"Drown your past regrets in coffee and cigarettes."

I'm a ridiculous person who wishes she had been been born in the past. The girl who always found solace in writing and roleplaying wacky and unique characters. I'm not your average nerd, though I do tend to play a lot of table top Dungeons and Dragons in my spare time. We've all got our vices, cigarettes, cigars and a good rum being some of my own. I love to read, to immerse myself in a setting that can inspire me to create something of my own.

Above all of this, I love to sing and write music. More of a rocker than anything, I remember sitting in front of the radio asking my mother who this "Eric Clapton" guy was. By age 12 I'd fallen madly in love with all things rocky, heavy and jazzy. The cooing of a guitar or a good set of pipes can make me feel better than anything else.

'Cause if you can't say it in your writing, you can surely say it through your sound.



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