a 27-year-old chick from Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

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Peep Show: *sings* "Then I go and seal the deal by doing something wicked like this car-toooooon. Swastika love. Bloody mental!"

I am Ellie.

My profile pic was taken after letting a guy try and do my make-up and hair...

I like to write.

I like to read.

I like to rate.

I love Morrissey, U2, David Bowie and REM.

I love music.

I love my friends.

I write poetry.

I write songs.

I write rhymes

I write stories.

I write drabbles.

I write fanfics.

I am addicted to Life on Mars. (TV)

I am addicted to House. (TV)

I am addicted to Doctors. (TV)

I am addicted to Monk. (TV)

I am addicted to Peep Show. (TV)

I enjoy spending most of my life at the cinema.

I enjoy shopping.

I enjoy Starbucks.

I enjoy Sundays with my family.

I enjoy wine...A LOT!

I am going to Uni next year.

I am taking a gap year.


I play the guitar.

I play the piano (badly).

I play the harmonica (worse than the piano).

I cannot read music.

I cannot stand Emmerdale.

I cannot resist writing a good list!!! (Can you tell?)

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