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"Seagoon: Nonsense - there's plenty of time - according to the hairs on my wrist it's only half past ten. Grytpype: (disbelief) The hairs on your wrist say half past ten? Seagoon: Yes. Grytpype: You must be mad. Seagoon: Why? Grytpype: The hairs on my wrist say eleven-thirty."


Before you ask, yes, my username is the name of the political party in Russia that organised the Revolution in 1917 and then became the Communist Party. Why? I hear you ask. Well. The short answer is:

I like the word.

The longer answer is:

I like the word, and I previously did Russian history at A-Level and it gave me a bit of a fondness for it. No, I'm not a communist, it never works anyway. And I'm doing Ancient History at university, for people who remember what this profile used to say. the future, expect stories set in Ancient Greece. And the Roman Empire. Because they're cool.


I like to write; it's been a hobby of mine ever since I can remember. I think I'm quite good at it. I hope I'm quite good at it.

I'm very fond of fantasy, and I mainly write fantasy.

I like Terry Pratchett. Discworld=win.

I also like His Dark Materials (I want a daemon...), Dragonriders of Pern (Dragons. Dragons rock) , the Bartimaeus Trilogy (Bartimaeus is without doubt the funniest djinn I've ever come across), The Farseer Trilogy (I like the third book best), Redwall (easy reading...), Watership Down (Bunny rabbits!), Discworld (of course), The Chronicles of Narnia (also the films! Well...the first film. The second film should be buried in a deep hole at midnight) and various others that escape me right at this moment (the Moomins?).

Of course I don't overuse brackets (what a load of rubbish).

I obsess over Doctor Who. This, of course, isn't a book series, but it has a massive effect on me. I can and will talk Doctor Who all day. Never ask me to explain anything about it, unless you really seriously want to know...because I will give you a massive lecture on it.
As a Doctor Who traditionalist the current revived series is giving me some trouble at times; but I muddle through, and the original series is very very comforting. I watch the new series for excitement and a chance to shout at the television; I watch the old series for reassurance and a good time, and a chance to shout at the incredibly stupid companions. Mind you, some of the new companions aren't any better (I'm looking at you, Rose Tyler...or should I say, Pinky to the Doctor's Brain?).

See what I mean about me talking about it all day? I sincerely apologise.

I like Pokemon. Bite me. I also like Star Trek; specifically, I like The Next Generation and Voyager and I couldn't care less if you think Voyager is useless and think I should be watching Deep Space Nine, because frankly I have watched Deep Space Nine and I dislike it. Give me good ol' Janeway and Seven any day. Plus, it has a character called the Doctor and you know how I feel about those, eh? Eh? (see above) I have seen three episodes of the Original Series and find it frankly hilarious, so maybe I'll pick that one up later on.

My favourite radio programme comes from the fifties and is called the Goon Show and makes no sense whatsoever. I am far too fond of the show's main villains Grytpype-Thynne and Moriarty, but then I'm also far too fond of its idiotic hero Neddie Seagoon. So it's six of one half a dozen of the other really. Needle nardle noo!

I like Shakespeare, but don't expect to find Shakespeare-style writing on here; I really can't manage iambic pentameter. Hamlet is probably my favourite play; it's a tragedy, and I find it terribly funny. What? No play with the line 'O o, I am slain!' in it can ask to be taken at all seriously. I am also fond of the Merchant of Venice, the Taming of the Shrew and the Scottish Play, all of which I find equally amusing, which is probably only appriopriate in the case of MoV and TotS because they actually are comedies. Elizabethan comedies!

I can't finish any stories except short ones; I need to train myself to do it, but I have such a short attention span that I keep losing interest. I am hoping that me and Burndtree will be able to complete Mage Hunting, though. I am so very fond of that story. It was the first one I posted on here. Back in 2008. And it's still go-ing!

I joined this site mainly out of curiousity. I know I haven't been doing much on it lately. So what? I'm still going on Mage Hunting. And the last story I posted up here has been summarily ignored.

My writing ability comes and it goes. I do my best, but whatever you see up on this site will have been edited, at the most, once. Meaning that sometimes it's not nearly as good as it could be. I need to learn to edit. But yeah.

I'm friendly, I swear to you. =)

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