just a babe from too close to school

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"In the buffet of life, you only get one helping. Pile your plate up high and shove a couple of sausage rolls in your pocket. - Fred Flintstone-"

Ratty called me 'Bogbrush' by the way my hair sticks up in the morning...

I was looking for something do in my spare time, so my sister,  Ratty (who is also on Protag), got me into writing poetry and stories and then advised me to join this webbie.

So here I am...

My hobbies include riding my bike, painting,singing and watching SpongeBob (I'm addicted!)

I like to sing as it lightens my mood although I don't think I'm any good, I think I am and my friends think I am but they might just be saying that because they're friends...I have sung in front of a large audience, approx 750 people. (It was only a solo but I still was really scared!)

My favourite movies are 'The Simpson Movie', 'Shrek' and 'Hot Fuzz'.

 My prefered book is 'Marley and me' (because he's exactly like Paris, my old labbie!).

And I LOVE 'Marilyn Manson' and 'Peppermint creeps'..

I lived in France and speak 2 languages fluently although I am learning German. 

I would like to become a police officer when I'm older but I have to get my levels up in sport first...

I have now moved back to England and I have moved house AGAIN, but I am happier now that my parents can now talk to each other without argueing. (I came back to England because my parents separated, but that's another story...)

Now that I've told my life story I think that I shall have to go before I bore you all.


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