a 23-year-old guy from Nuneaton, United Kingdom

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"Silence! I KIll You! (Achmed the Dead Terrorist)"

Hey heres a few things about me:

17, brown hair, about 5ft 4 or 5, outgoing, friendly, helpful, reliable, trustworthy and always random :)

My greatest writing achievement is that I've had a short story and a poem published - the  story for YoungWriters and the poem for PoemOdyssey (i think)

I love hanging out with my friends, i love writing stories, normally fiction/fantasy, my fave foods are chocolate, pizza and cheeseburgers, my fave film is Speed Racer, fave DVD series are Smallville and Criminal Minds.

For my habits/hobbies, I'm part of an acting group called Stagegroup, we do a cabaret and a pantomime during the year, most of which the proceeds go to various charities.  joined in 2007. Also, I collect a magazine called the DC Comics Super Hero Collection.

I love listenin 2 music, watchin TV, playing on the PS2, and i got a few ideas for what I want to do when I'm older, besides having some books published if possible. I want to become a primary school teacher, so I'll be going to uni for that :)

Contact me if ya want to!!


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