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"In this world so cold and cruel, we're so close to the flame. That shines to light the way from me, to find my way back into the arms I car about. the onbes like me I'm so far down. Away from the Sun."

We've finally gotten around to making an account here. Blue Bloods been dying to express himself for so long. I'm Raven, his editor. Because he's such a goon. I've been telling him and telling him how beautiful his writing is, and hes finally listened to me about sharing his beautiful prose with the world,

Well, its not that good, but we'll see what people think.  I can feel down sometimes, and writings a good release.

I like them anyway.

About us:

Blue Blood: I've known Raven for years, and she defines me in a lot of ways. She is the cream to my coffee. She outweighs my bitter with her soft and gentle nature. To be honest, most of the time I question what made us be friends, shes a lot gentler than I am, I like smashing away at my drum kit and listening to my music on full volume. HIM is my fvorite to blow my ears out.

Raven: I like reading Darren Shan, drawing and long walks. I like jRock, and I have  pet rabbit called Snookie. (Blueblood's a lot nicer then he says he is.)


Raven: I'm 17 years old. I have long straight strawberry blonde hair, and I'm thinking of getting some streaks in it, I'm 5 foot 3. I like wearing Punkyfish and my favorite Emily the Strange cat hoodie.

BlueBlood: I'm 17 too. My hair is black and in swept across my face. I'm about 6ft 3 and quite skinny. I have black snakebites, and one eyebrow piercing. Although my favorite part of myself is the pentogram I have tattoed on my wrist. My favorite clothing is skinny jeans and band shirts.



Soul Catcher. Jet :


The Element's Shadows. Ryn :

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