a 21-year-old dudette from the United States

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"You create you dream goal by Mind ! Not by hand!"

Hey, I am age 16 love to draw, sketch and write. I am not so good as writing but my creative Mind is WOW! Factor I think I can Help america in this stage, but I am extermely Bio ! Person I mean (I don't really give the dam about ! what people think of me well a little but . For the big part about me is I don't really dislike any one ! but if you being like very rude to me well I'm doing something for the past years . Then you are on my annoyed list!). And if you are just plane mean to me then you are on my Hatred list. But if I known and understand about you then you are one my good side.

BORN : May 17, 1996

Pass Issues : Hear attack (well more like an illness !) 3 heart fixer- upper. 

Now: NO joint in the right thumb. Speech problems: Hearing lost but some how I was able to evolve .

Likes: ?.. (LOL) Mostly every thing

Talents : Dancing , Sketching.

Skill: writing (Singing Okay at it), and Crafting .

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