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"I made a physical dichotomy of him. What else was I to do?"

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[Everything you're entitled to know]

Name: Claire Mallery Wandesford

Age: varies depending on para; usually mid-twenties

Sexuality: straight; open about her sexuality though and often uses it to accomplish her goals

Birthday: January 12th

Hair: pale blonde

Eyes: blue

Height: 5’ 5”

Weight: ~130 lbs

From: Depends on the thread, really. But I typically place her on the outskirts of big cities. Despite not liking crowds, she likes the feel of culture and life found in such areas. Her hometown is London, England, and her accent reflects it.

Universe: any I can fit her into

Occupation: contract killer

Family: the only living relative she communicates with is her brother, William

Traits of note: when she tastes blood, Claire goes ‘berserk.’ It is an inherited family trait, essentially a genetic disease. ((Note: this is an idea I combined from Norse/Germanic mythology/history, and the book “To Wield a Red Sword.”)) She loses control of herself, gains disproportionate strength, and doesn’t feel pain. Depending on how much blood she ingests, this change can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. When she comes back to herself, she has only a vague memory of events; she’s incredibly weakened and disoriented.

Face claim: Jessica Stam

General personality: Claire is a lady, born and bred, despite the fact that she can come off crass. She is incredibly conniving and manipulative, using her elegance and poise to get what she wants. She’s also a vain woman, knowing the appeal of her looks; she uses them  to her advantage whenever possible. Intellect and being well-read has served her well, but she is not above trickery and bribes to meet her goals, which are varied and sordid. Her humor is dry and leans toward the darker side of morbid.

Surprisingly, Claire is fond of animals, despite her typical wanton use of people. She is a skilled horseback rider and enjoys hunting with her brother. She is also passionate about literature, poetry in particular, and isn’t a bad writer herself. She knows English, Latin, French, and can speak them as well as she can write them. Claire has dabbled and is a fair hand at fencing, but not enough to claim proficiency. 

Most of the time, unless you give her a reason to dislike her, she’s nice enough and content with leaving you alone or even being sociable/kind. It comes from her deeper desire to have as normal a life as possible. There will be sarcasm, innuendo, and quick (possibly barbed) wit no matter the situation, however.

Her weapons of choice are knives, dirks, and poisons.



It’s a word that she runs from and embraces.

A family legacy she never wanted.

A disease in the blood, triggered by blood…her life is soaked in blood.

She spent her childhood hearing her mother mourn her father’s death, and the fact that Claire herself had not been born a boy. It meant her brother William would have to leave to fulfill the familial obligation, sending a son into the ranks of a mercenary guild. William cleverly avoided this obligation, however, through enlisting in the military and changing his name. Left alone, Claire suffered years of mental and emotional abuse at the hands of her increasingly unstable mother. She learned to retreat into herself, the only safe place. Then that place was invaded.

Her first kill was accidental. They discovered exactly what blood did to her over dinner one evening, a year after William had left. They buried five bodies and lost all but two of the servants over that incident; most were too scared to stay. Claire’s adolescence was not a pleasant one. After that she became a vegetarian, not risking the possibility of tasting blood again. Her mother tried in vain to get the guild to take Claire into their ranks instead of William, given this unusual ability that would no doubt be useful to them. They refused, and eventually stopped answering her.

This secret was kept from her brother while he was in the military, but when he learned of what had happened to his beloved sister, he left the ranks and spirited Claire away from their childhood home. They have not been back to the family estate since, though they have access to the wealth and power associated with their name. Realizing the necessity of their reputation to their good standing in society and their ability to function, William did eventually join the guild; the substantial pay keeps their coffers full and their name (ironically) clean. Claire embraced her darker side and the skills it gave her, earning herself a position within the guild as well. Additionally, the guild has strategically placed, influential members who keep their operations under wraps and protect the identity of the group. 

Brief timeline:

  • Father died when she was 4, William was 8
  • William left for the military when she was 14
  • Discovered her ‘ability’ and made her first kill at 15
  • William found out about the incident and took her away from their mother when she was 19
  • Has been contract killing for 6+ years (depending on her age for the para in question)

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