a 26-year-old bird from Melbourne, Australia

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"Writing is a dance with all those other books you've read and the ones you're going to read. Writing is making a house within - Heather Sellers - Page after Page"

Tea drinking, notebook scrawling, Book addict. I am currently studying Professional Writing and Editing - with a focus on Novel, and Non-Fiction. I love to write in any genre, and format. I am never without my many notebooks from project specific, to my personal journal.

I spend my days reading everything I can get my hands on, writing quotes, and delving into the shadow side of life. I can be found listening to conversations, scribbling notes, and using life as a giant compost to develop ideas and harness my own personal process.

I am currently working on three novels in a series that tie into each other. My genre - Sci-Fi/ Fantasy - mostly speculative fiction. I also love writing Erotica, and Erotica Horror [a term I coined during my writing process]

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