just a chick from Ontario, CA

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"What's ironic about life is that nobody gets out alive"

Name: Mariah

NIcknames: Miah, Raw, M-dawg, Mariah-dawg, Moto-Moto, That chick, the girl with the hair, Hamster, Skittles., and many more.

I like to read, write, draw, bike ride, hang out with ym older sister, go to concerts, play the guitar, making up random story idead with my friends, staying up all night, drinking energy drinks, drinking coffee and tea, eating, eating rice, daydreaming, sleeping, talking and hanging out with my friends, watching movies, bowling, and just having a good time.

I plan to be a journalist. Write some adds for Cosmo or somehting like that, or maybe be a Marine Bio. and write stories on my spare time. My favourite subject is art, and my favourite animals are any virbrant coloured fish. One day I wish to scuba-dive, and I don't want to end up dieing in a car crash or getting cancer. Being eaten by a shark or getting stung by a scorpian would be much cooler.

I'm not really you advrage teen. I enjoy watching and reading horror with macabre plots. Anime is my obsession and I hate Twilight, but love vampires.

I think that living forever would be cool, and transforming into an animall.. I would pick a shark.

Some people think I'm wierd because I'll answer some peolpe's questions before they ask them. And also if i say something like "I bet KFC is closed and we'll end up having to go to Dairy Queen" it happens. (That actually happend). And sometimes I'll think things and they'll happen. It's wierd.

I don't like people who go on and on about themselves. It gets really annoying. Or people who talk too much. People who don't talk are my kind of people :)

I'm pretty shy myself and say creepy things sometimes. One time I said this to my friend: I think we should hang him, and then rip out his ... and then cook them and put them into a stew and then rip out his... And feed it to his mother. Maybe through a pie in there with his .... in it too,

You really don't want to know what those missing words were haha

I"m a bit of a scatterbrain, and am very unorganized. I"m a bit lazy, and I would much rather stay home and read than go to school. My hobbie is collecting anime comics and I enjoy spending my money on them :) mY favourite series are:

Death Note


Fruits Basket

Vampire Knight



Black Cat

and Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

I think I"m done. Thanks for reading haha

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