a 25-year-old dame from Jobstown, Dublin, Ireland

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"Nietzsche says: Out of chaos comes order. Blow it out your ass, Howard!" - Blazing Saddles

hey stranger,
care to watch me dye my petticoats and sell my shoes?
i've gone through far too many lengths for people i don't know too well. (:

i don't spent so much time here anymore. i don't really spend my time anywhere. i'm lost and can never go home you see. but i can never really settle. i'm constantly moving. 'tis my nature.

if you really want to find me,
look for me here.

i'm not goth, mainstream, metalhead or emo. i'm glamor tramp. i'm mixture of everything you have seen, and ever will see. i'll listen to any music genre. i like to draw and write. i do it on a constant basis. and hugs. i like to give and receive hugs. but i think that my hug supply is running out because my heart and head is always hurting.

i don't really have long on this earth, so don't hesitate to talk. take the plunge. do it today. don't be afraid. when you've been through what i have you have very little to fear. death. poverty. hate. pain. it matters so little to me now.

I've turned myself into a human pincushion. Both hatred and fear pierce me like a thousand rusty needles. I have so many problems creeping up on me I don't know where to turn.

I am easily upset, unnerved and frightened but I try my best to keep in good spirits, and to plaster a fake and waning smile on my pitiful face. I have a few minor obsessive compulsive disorders. I have had a dark and painful history.

I may be different and not fit into any social category, but please give me a chance. All I want is a friend I can call my own. I assure you I am loyal and kind, and I admit I can be annoying at times with loud randomness and strange noises. But I do have a heart after all.

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