a gentleman from Philippines

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"A man should not be measured by how high he has climbed , instead , by how far he has fallen and bounced back "

A scholar , a student , a national athlete , a son , a big brother , a friend , a book enthusiast and hopeless lover . I'm not a great writer but hey , there's nothing wrong with something you love write? (pun intended)  hoping you guys drop off some constructive criticism on my works :)   

I've been in protagonize since my freshman year since HS ,  I really wish I could have changed my name earlier tho haha , well its there now , and I guess the name suits my writting . I don't really write in real life , I seldom do it infact . But there are days when I feel like floating , when my vision goes a blur , and when my mind starts filling up with these words I just can't say with my mouth, I write it down , anywhere , everywhere . Writing (like so many have said ) is an escape for me . I indulge in it when I can because it gives me the opportunity to be someone else . Someone who isn't the me that everybody else sees  . Someone not intimidating on the first glance , someone who you won't be scared that he'd take your wallet . Its a chance to shroud my self with my words and be the intellectual that people didn't know dwelled inside  Iham Difler (Me) .  

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