a 23-year-old from the bottom of your heart ^^

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"a friend of mine once said to me: "When girls are quiet, it is not because they are shy but because they are thinking that you're annoying them, so make sure you're out of their reach of you want your body to stay in one piece!" XD"

Hey there!

First of all, thanx for vistiting my profile! I feel good when I get some attention sooooo... please leave a message or whatever for me after visting my profile so I will know that you did gimme some of you time :D

if you do I'll repay you with all my heart :3

hahha, nooooo, I'm kidding I'm not that easy to socialise with and sometimes you can find me staring at nothing so you know I'm really useless at times :O

I know my grammar sucks, my vocabulairy isn't wide or however you have to say it. I'm currently still trying to learn so please don't hesistate to correct my mistakes and such.

greetings Stefan

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