a girl from Canada

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"Personally, I think sex should be like math. At school. No one really cares if they're crap at math. The even probably claim it. They'll say to anyone, "Yeah. I don't mind science and English, but I'm absolutely -#*#^house- at math." And other people will laugh and say, "Yeah, me, too. I wouldn't have a clue about all that logarithm %@*$." No one says that though. You can't. Especially men. We men think we -have- to be good at it, so I'm here to tell you I'm not. I should also explain tha

Hello.  My name is Alexis.  I won't give you other personal details, but I can tell you a little about myself.  I have the occasional obsession.  My friends can tell you about this.  For one, I love platypuses (or platypi).  Don't ask me why.  They're just really freaking awesome.  Additionally, I love reading.  I will read almost anything, including the sporadically chosen chick-lit novel.  They are something of a guilty pleasure.  Another (slightly nerdy) genre I enjoy is manga.  What can I say?  It's pretty awesome.  I also enjoy drawing.  Mainly portraits of people.  I like to think I'm decent, but I can never be sure.  My sport is skiing.  No, I don't race.  But I have fun.  At the moment, my favourite skiier is Jacob Wester, but overall favourites include the aforementioned Jacob Wester, as well as Jon Olsson, Simon Dumont and the late Shane McConkey.  Another big thing about me is music.  I've been to numerous concerts throughout the course of my life, and it's not about to stop anytime soon.  My everlasting favourite is (still) Led Zeppelin.  But new favourites include The Wombats, HIM, All Time Low, Anberlin, Alesana, and Angels & Airwaves. 

Well.  That's about all I can think of for now.  So maybe if I decide to, I can update this later, but it doesn't seem likely. 

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