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"That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die --H.P. Lovecraft"


  I prefer to let my reputation precede me as that allows people to have useful misconceptions about me, but on a writing site like this, that's kind of hard to achieve.  So here I go, writing about myself and hoping that I'm not boring you.

Hello?  Hello?  Is this thing on...?

I'm a mathematician by avocation, so I ought to clear up a couple of points about that first.  I don't do arithmetic, that's for accountants.  And if you try telling me that 2+2 does not equal 5, I'll tell you that it does for large values of 2.  (And I won't really understand why you look puzzled either.)  I also don't do averages, percentages, or anything that might produce nice sound-bites for a newspaper.  That's statistics, and mathematicians hold statisticians in the same regard as physicists.  But tying knots, juggling, queueing up and knowing how many degrees there are in a triangle -- that's all mathematics, and I'm happy to talk about it.  (PS, the triangles?  Up to 270, depending on where you're stood.)

So why am I on a writing site?  Because I write as well, and yes, the tools that a mathematician creates to look at the world around themselves can be applied to writing too.  You don't have to believe me, but it's true.

What I write varies according to my mood, like most people I think.  Things I've written on here that I think are worth reading (at least they are if you've read this much about me) would be Tagged, begun by Eloosive and co-authored by myself, Archi_Teuthis, Darkliquid, and CheshireGrin.  I've contributed to Archi's Wallingford Chronicle, and I've got Puss in Boots looking for contributors if anyone fancies it.

Oh, and when I'm not thinking about mathematics or writing, I'm cooking.  Or possibly dead.  (The only surefire, guaranteed way of knowing that someone is dead is to wait for them to start rotting, hence my uncertainty.)  I don't think I'm dead yet :)

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