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"Do you have any idea how stupid we are? Don’t underestimate us!!!" - Gintama

Dur dur dur, let's see what to say? I know no one is really going to read this anyway but I want to make a good impression to myself when I read this over to try and think of what others would think of this!

Well I'm a fantasy writer pretty exclusively though I'll have the oddball non-fantasy story idea every once in awhile. I want to be published one day, but that's a goal for after I actually bring myself to FINISH a single story. As of today this goal still has not been accomplished to publication remains a distant dream. More on my style of writing though! Well I like comedy, humor. Almost all my main characters have a kind of snarky streak in them which is actually something I get concerned about. After all can't have all my my characters have the same personality! I think this leaning toward humor is influenced by my tastes and what I've read since I do love manga and anime and before I got into those my stories were much more serious adventure type stories than witty adventure type stories. I only sometimes regret it. Mostly I'm too busy laughing at my own jokes to care.

As stated in my statement I'm a cosplayer. It is time consuming hobby which sadly has put my writing in the back seat but I'm working at balancing things out. You can check out my work on that regard by checking J-Jo Cosplay on Facebook, Deviantart, Cospix, or WorldCosplay. You can follow just plain old me by looking for the same on Twitter or Tumblr though both are pretty cosplay oriented.

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