a 50-year-old female from Cambridge, United Kingdom

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"Don't Dream It, Be It."

I have been concerned with writing under a variety of psuedonyms since 1991, when I took part in a year-long DSS Enterprise Allowance scheme as a self-employed author and poet. My proposal was to write a novella about a man who woke up one morning and found he’d turned into a beetle. I actually spent a large part of that year grubbing around Holland and Spain, gathering research for the character Doc Gordon Tripp, the terrible psychedelic agony aunt of Camberwell, who is strictly self-published A5 stapled pamphlet stylee.

During the 90’s I devoured magazines and journals by the small publishers which seemed so active and plentiful back then. I particularly sought out any Tom Vague, HEAD magazine, Rapid Eye Movement and the Unlimited Dream Company stuff. My favourite bookshops were Compendium in Camden and The Inner Bookshop in Oxford. I was in awe of London’s Atlantis. I devoted a lot of time and energy to producing pamphlets of my own, which I saw as a possible source of beer money. I tried to persuade others to print my writings too. Eventually I studied bookbinding to enable myself to print, bind and distribute, a novel I’d written which nobody else wanted published.

My web site features an e-archive of my work since 1996, as well as sporadic blog postings. I have recently uploaded the first short story in an evolving collection of short stories.

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