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It's been a really long time since I last logged onto Protagonize... Just reading my old profile made me really cringe. I was a lot younger when I first joined, so it all sounded awfully naive. A lot's changed since I've last been on here.

JuYou might want to read these:

  • The Night Circus
  • Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  • Atonement
  • Harry Potter Series

So from the list above, you can probably guess that I'm pretty into magic and the gothic genre. Those two genres pretty much occupy all my free time when I'm not revising etc. Life is good when you're reading The Night Circus, trust me. Do it.

Anyway, I never stop working on my writing, I can just get really busy. Like now, for examply, I have lots of exams coming up so I'm having to dedicate a bit more time to revision and coursework. But I'm still here, pondering plots, characters, events and ideas...

I might revisit all this after my exams, because I like it here. If only there were more hours in the day...

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