a 26-year-old girl from Perth, Ontaio, Canada

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"Don't be a fool for the Devil, darling. Unless he treats you a damn sight better than the almighty."

Hey all. I just want to say from the get go that I hate these "say something about yourself" boxes because i never know what to write...but here goes. :P

My name is Bianca. I'm 18 living in Perth, Ontario. Ive been writing since about grade 8 and I'm (hopefully) really close to finishing my first novel. Mostly i write vampire fiction...steriotypical girl thing, I know. But it must be known that I was obsesed with vampires before Stephanie Meyer even published Twilight! (All the credit goes to Anne Rice and Lestat, to be honest.)

Anyway, I`m going to try and post some of my story on here soon, so if vampires are your thing give it a look. I`d love any feedback, critiquing, or ideas that anyone may have. :)

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