a 31-year-old female from the United Kingdom

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"Treat people as you want to be treated." The things that may seem small or insignificant to you, may be enough to pull somebody back from whichever rollercoaster they may be riding, so never overlook what to you seems like the smallest thing.

Hi, My name is Beckie, i am 22 and live in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England. 

I have been a keen and avid writer from as far back as i can remember.  As a small child, I was never happy unless I had pen and paper in my hand. Whilst my sisters were out playing, or having dolly tea parties I would be sat writing short stories or poetry  by myself and I have done it ever since.  Even when we went in the car to the local supermarket, I was unable to be parted from my pen and paper and used to prefer to sit in the car and write than be with my family, as a child, doing the shopping!

As I have got older and developed as a person, and turned into an adult, one thing that has always stayed consistent is that my writing has always stayed by my side.  It has become a part of who and what I am, and on occasion helped me through times when it felt nothing else was there.  My writing is not just my passion, but a loyal friend who never leaves my side.

I have always been thankful that I am able to express myself in this way, although I think writing is something that is unique and important to everyone as an individual.  In my eyes, it is never right or never wrong, just unique and different.  No two people's writing is ever exactly the same, and I think the writing world is just amazing. After spending time at a local writing group I realise I have no confidence in my own work, however, am regularly complemented on my abilities by others and would like to be able to appreciate my own work in time.

My writing is often very deep and dark, so feel free to read — but at your own peril and please, non judgementally.  I mostly write poetry or prose.

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