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"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is facing some type of battle."

  • Activity - I run my own RPG, I have a character in it and I am also in another RPG. So I will try to get on at least once a day to reply to paras and such. Might be every other day or so. So please be patient with me.
  • Stopping - If you get bored of the RP, just let me know before you quit replying. It’s just rude to do that. I will do the same courtesy for you. If you don’t reply for a week without informing why, I will assume you want to stop and I will delete my side blog.
  • Godmoding - Please don’t control what my characters say/feel/do. I won’t do that to you.
  • Writing - Please be literate! I do not para/rp in present tense, I prefer past. I do not do any of the *walks to fridge* stuff either. I like at least a paragraph per reply when role playing. Chatting and texting can be shorter.
  • Maturity - I am 22 years old, so I know about drugs, sex, cursing and all those things. I would prefer if you were okay with those mature themes as well. However, if you are underage please let me know. If you are under that age of 18, by law we are not allowed to RP smut and must fade to black. Please inform me of your age, I will not hold it against you or anything like that and will still RP with you, but we will fade to black instead.
  • Slashes - I am a full supporter of gay rights, however I have no idea how to write as a gay man and I feel like I would be too stereotypical and I don’t want to do that and offend anyone. I can play a lesbian women or a bi women though, just because I feel more comfortable doing that and there aren’t as many stereotypes out there that I feel I’d fall danger to using. So if you want to do a girlxgirl we can. But I don’t do boyxboy.
  • Plots: Please do not steal my plots. You may reblog them if you like them, but do not copy and paste them. I prefer to RP only when we have a plot otherwise its a bit confusing and feels like we have no direction. - We can make plots based off of characters!
  • Characters: Do not steal my characters, I won’t do the same to you. Secondly, I can change ages and certain parts of bios to fit into a certain plot if you want me to use that certain character. For example, my Matt Cohen FC is said to be a single father of 26. But I can make him a 16 year old boy who has no child, but stick to the rest of the bio just change his age and the fact that he has a daughter

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