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I've found new meaning in the phrase "discovery of a lifetime," because I truly believe I have, in fact, made the discovery of a lifetime.

Life has, is, only will be worth living... If it's lived 100% for God.

Obviously, as humans, that's impossible. We make mistakes, we mess up, we follow our own selfish amibitions.

So the other discovery... Is that God truly does forgive.

And He will continue to use my mistakes in incredible ways as long as I'm making them.

 I refuse to drown in illusory insincere thoughts.

To read about the struggles I'm overcoming (thank you, Jesus!) read The Stickers in my Purse.

If you would like to know what I think causes our troubles... read Demonic Whispers.

But please read The Voices, too.



And while you're at it, read Matthew 6:25.

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