just a dame from the moon

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I am a humble bear, scratching letters with salmon bones into the mud.

When I am not hibernating, catching river trout and salmons, and lumbering amongst the forest trees, I enjoy:

  • Manga/anime.
  • Reading a variety of literatures.
  • Dancing.
  • Movies: too many to name
  • Music: way too many to name
  • Traveling: Anywhere I can

Despite my bear-like appearance, I don't bite. Unless you are a river trout or salmon, that is.

Current Collabs:

  • Chronicles of Lithilen (Camp NaNoWriMo) with sycamore, FrostytheLindo, and MadDurand
  • Clockwork Heart with SJS, Cay_Monty, MattForgenti, and dancingshoes14

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