a 23-year-old jack from the Mountains

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"Whom the gods notice they destroy. Be small...and you will escape the jealousy of the great." -Philip K. Dick(The Man in the High Castle)



I digest music, and have a steadily increasing inventory of great musicians. I feel expression in any form is great, it gets one in touch with themselves. Although, I do have to admit most 'popular' music I label as brain rot and totally avoid. I admire traits in people like determination, courage and self reliance. I write poetry almost entirely. It mostly deals with my life and what I see. Sometimes I write about how our society is changing faster than ever before. My favorite type of poetry is raw, something you can feel was written from the gut up. 

A dying consciousness has no greater desire than to spread all his ideologies to everyone he meets in the very short time while they are alive. That is what I just happen to be doing, involuntarily or not.

"Happiness does not end with the closing of a book, happiness ends when you find out what you truly want in this life and you find out it is not readily available to our realm, our fantasy that seemingly drags us into pawns of existence. The individual is dead when the television defines him. Today is lost, but tomorrow is here, for a price of course..."

"A poem a day keeps the world away."

"To define is to kill, truly."

People who's novels/poems I like to read:


Mircea Iliade

Ken Kesey

Jason Barron

Chuck Palahniuk

Charles Bukowski

Jack Keroauc 

Gary Snyder

Henry David Thoreau

Lewis Carroll

Edgar Poe

Philip K. Dick

Ezra Pound

Albert Camus

Things I listen to while writing, or on a daily basis: 

Jim Morrison

Fleet Foxes

Modest Mouse


Bob Dylan 

Grateful Dead

Taj Mahal

Fred Neil

Old Crow Medicine Show


Willy Mason

Iron & Wine

The Smashing Pumpkins

Corey Smith

Mimicking Birds

Counting Crows 


Cloud Cult

William Elliot Whitmore

Bill Hicks

Paul Simon


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