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"Best friends are the fairy tales of life...They've been there since the 'Once Upon a Time' and they'll be there until the 'Happily Ever After'"

Hi! Hey! Hello! Howdy! Bonjour! What's up? Ok, I think that's enough of the intros.

I believe being crazy is a part of life. Without it, life would be boring. I believe that normal is the real weird and weird is the real normal. Get what I'm saying? Probably not but oh well.

My motto is 'Be Bubbly' or 'Stay Icy' It was from an amazing series that I had read. To sum it all up into one easily understandable phrase, it means:

See the world as it really is. Don't try to cover it up with sugar. You have to live bubbly (crazy) and see the world icy (sharp). Don't be fooled, for nothing is as it seems!

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