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Still can't face the mountains of Protag notifications needing to be dealt with. Sorry if you're expecting my attention anytime soon.

I'd love a bit of feedback on this, and its effectiveness as a Prologue. It's only a few hundred words... *imploring face*

Caught in the midst of a civil war between NaNoWriMo and homework: indulgence and obligation: creativity and rationality.


My name is Basil (or Baz - I don't mind which. Or even Bazzie if you're feeling extra-affectionate. If not, just 'that broccoli-gal' is fine).

As regards the side I try not to show people, I'm ambitious, tenacious, often cynical. Bonanza, borrasca...well, we can't strike gold all the time.

I have trouble in vocally articulating any item of personal testimony, just to let you know (or anything at all, for that matter). Yeah, so I'd love to talk to you, because you're amazing, but I'm afraid I'm not very good at it.

I'm a proud Roman Catholic (though some find that difficult to acquaint with my attraction for astronomical physics). I aspire that my writing is somewhat influenced by my ever-growing (I hope!) faith, but I'm not trying to directly impose upon those who won't be imposed upon. I force you into nothing. However, I warn you in advance that I will pray for you ALL, so be afraid!

Gorgeous and Mysterious (or Triangle) by GoldenEarthAngel is one of my favourite stories of all time - and not just on Protagonize. It is simply heart-throbbing, right up to and most especially the end. Yes, I cried. 'A romance in three parts, like the edges of a triangle, where every turn sharpens the blade, but wears out those who cling to it. That triangle of morals, wearing down.'

My profile got too long when I attempted to describe myself, so I've posted it in one of the works down there somewhere, and instead added a few (ha!) bullet points to illustrate my [favourite] hobbies, equipped with links to various written pages which may or may not make any sense to you in regard of my point. \/ \/ \/ (I rather think my profile is now longer than it ever was, but 'meh' to that.)


My Favourite Things/Hobbies Include:


(Fortunately, I'm hypocrite enough never to follow my own advice.)


My Current WIPs [on Protag]:

  • The King's Namesake (pending time to read some more about the revolutionist mentality and to redo the Prologue)
  • Destiny in Blue (wow, I NEED to finish this! I love you forever, Den <3)
  • Basil's Poems (a sorry mixture of attempted poetry and plain doggerel)


[Some of] My Completed Works (they're all short, barring F+J):


The [Alive] Collabs in which I'm currently participating (and yes, I will post eventually, guys!):

  • Out of Aethyr (with Aoife.J.Sherwood, Artemisian and CrystalRose) - my first fantasy!
  • A Sad Affair (with Nyxie)
  • A Tale of Three Sisters (with Nyxie)
  • With Her Glass-Chime Laugh (with GoldenEarthAngel)
  • (There's plenty more I've participated in, and many which I love, but these are the only ones I'm still meaning to continue, unless anyone else revives the others. Lazy, am I, for not reviving them myself? Probably. I call it 'busy'.)


When it comes to my writing, I'd be gratified to know where I go wrong - if, indeed, there is a 'right' and a 'wrong'. But anyway, wherever improvement may be merited, in your opinion, please notify me. That's why I'm here, after all.

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