a 21-year-old man from London, United Kingdom

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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night, happy birthday and Happy New Year! I’m Barney Hurst, and I live in and work from a small (6 x 8 ft) room in London. – South East London.

I hope to keep you amused with a flow of works, from short stories and song lyrics to full blown novels, but somehow I doubt I will – I often end up with very little time to do anything like that, I’m so busy elsewhere. When I can, though, I’ll post things.

Okay, hands up, I’ll admit it: my tastes do lie with Science Fiction. Please, don’t reconsider subscribing or reading any of my stuff! – I’ll go on.

Where I could easily focus solely on the sci-fi elements (you know, time travel, space flight, all that stuff) I fail at that, so I try and focus more on the people, the characters. Based on this, I should really try and be more symbolic with names, or at least not use a random name generator!

I am a huge fan of long, elaborate novels with huge casts and a complex yet not too outrageous plot. Somehow, I never end up with this sort of thing though!

Keep track of just where I am – and why I’m not writing, though don’t come pointing the finger – on my blog. Yes, that one. If you still haven’t found it, the link’s just under this box. Yes, that one.

Enjoy (at least, when I actually post something, enjoy. – don’t laugh!)

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